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Cables, Adapters, Office Supplies & Computer Categories are coming soon!

Remanufactured HP 61XL CH563WN Black Ink Cartridge High Yield - Moustache® - 1/Pack

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Compatible Printer List

HP - DeskJet Series

DeskJet 1000

DeskJet 1010

DeskJet 1012

DeskJet 1014

DeskJet 1050

DeskJet 1050A

DeskJet 1051

DeskJet 1055

DeskJet 1056

DeskJet 1510

DeskJet 1511

DeskJet 1512

DeskJet 1513

DeskJet 2000

DeskJet 2050

DeskJet 2510

DeskJet 2511

DeskJet 2514

DeskJet 2540

DeskJet 2541

DeskJet 2542

DeskJet 2543

DeskJet 2544

DeskJet 2546

DeskJet 2547

DeskJet 2548

DeskJet 2549

DeskJet 3000

DeskJet 3050

DeskJet 3050A

DeskJet 3051A

DeskJet 3052A

DeskJet 3054

DeskJet 3054A

DeskJet 3510

DeskJet 3512

HP - ENVY Series

ENVY 4500

ENVY 4501

ENVY 4502

ENVY 4503

ENVY 4504

ENVY 4505

ENVY 4506

ENVY 4508

ENVY 4509

ENVY 5530

ENVY 5531

ENVY 5532

ENVY 5534

ENVY 5535

ENVY 5539

HP - OfficeJet Series

OfficeJet 2620

OfficeJet 2621

OfficeJet 2622

OfficeJet 2624

OfficeJet 4630

OfficeJet 4631

OfficeJet 4632

OfficeJet 4634

OfficeJet 4635

OfficeJet 4636

OfficeJet 4639

Our economical yet high quality remanufactured HP 61XL-BK-NewVersion Ink Cartridge is recycled from an original cartridge which is known as the HP 61XL-BK-NewVersion Ink Cartridge. To ensure this product is environmentally friendly, it has been refurbished by a factory with a 12 step strict process, which ensures that the quality will meet the same standards as its OEM counterpart.

This HP 61XL-BK-NewVersion ink cartridge contains at least the same amount of ink as the original genuine cartridge. All our products are guaranteed to satisfy all of your printing needs. We encourage you to shop HP 61XL-BK-NewVersion ink cartridge online from Cartridge Experts to save on both money and time spent within traditional stores. We ship to all across Canada from our Western warehouse located in Vancouver and our Eastern warehouse located in Montreal, which guarantees the fastest shipment possible.

Ink and toner, printer and office supplies including paper, staples, binders, etc., all that can satisfy your home and business needs

About Moustache Brand Products

is a proud supplier of Moustache compatible ink and toner products. Moustache is a Canadian brand that offers industry-leading value by combining dependably excellent quality with affordable prices. The Moustache brand represents dignity, intelligence and punctuality.

Moustache offers the most reliable and cost effective solution for your printing needs. With competitive prices and world-class door-to-door shipping, you can concentrate on what really matters. 

Produced under the most rigorous quality standards, Moustache believes in fostering trust with a click of the button. Seeing is believing - our confidence is based on Moustache's outstanding printing quality.

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Reliable quality

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2-year guarantee

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Proudly Canadian

The Moustache concept originated from Co-Founder, who personally witnessed how students struggled with high printing costs during his studies at Montreal's McGill University. He began ordering compatible ink cartridges online but was frustrated by inconsistent quality and poor service.

His experiences inspired him to create in 2007, offering exclusively great products and services. Today, Moustache is compatible with the industry's largest brands, providing over 5,000 models and earning top marks from our loyal customers. All Moustache products offer a 2-year guarantee with free return and 24-hour customer service (Monday to Friday).

Choose Moustache for the best value products - it's the intelligent choice!